In this last two years, Agritec has designed new technologies, both innovative and practical, that have enabled it to develop a range of professional electromechanical products for harvesting olives. A common patent, linked to the controlled bending of the wand, characterizes these machines. The wand is made with a studied composite material to always work at a precise speed and power, controlled by the machine’s electronic control. This allows for constant and ideal flexion to increase the harvester’s work area, thus increasing their production capacity.

The professional Oliviero line is made up of three different models:
FLEX-PF Professionale with fixed rod is the simplest and lightest of the three. The technology connected to the new operating head with flexible wand is mounted on a fixed rod with optional extensions that can be inserted into the handle’s base. The FLEX-PF is the ideal machine for olive trees that are no taller than 5 meters.

FLEX-PTM Professionale with manual telescopic rod is the latest addition to the FLEX family. The technology connected to the head with flexible wand is combined with the new manual telescopic rod, the result of a new patent. The control to work the telescopic rod is positioned on the handle and makes adjusting the length of the rod simple, fast and secure.

FLEX-PTE Professionale with electric telescopic rod is the utmost expression of Agritec’s technological capabilities. The effective head with flexible wand is positioned on the world’s first and only patent electric telescopic rod. A button positioned on the handle controls each length adjustment of the machine. The combination between these two technologies has enabled us to create a machine with incredible harvesting capabilities (thanks to the head and low work time (thanks to the electric telescopic rod).