Agritec srl continues to develop its products, further expanding its range of electromechanical machines for harvesting olives to meet the needs of every individual olive grower. The professional line of FLEX “Oliviero” products is now made up of three different models: the FLEX-PTE, FLEX-PTM and FLEX-PF, all of which are designed to enhance production capacity on all types of cultivars without sacrificing practicality. The technology that has led to such high performance is not the only feature of these products. The FLEX-PTE is equipped with an innovative telescopic electric extension, while the FLEX-PTM has an equally innovative manual telescopic extension. The FLEX Basic line has two different machines: the FLEX-BTM and FLEX-BF, the former with manual telescopic extension, the latter with fixed rods. Built using the base technology of the professional FLEXs, these Basic models have simplified electronics.The traditional Oliviero line continues to produce and market the  LIGHT 2.0, a machine of tremendous commercial success that’s ergonomically light and easy to use. All Oliviero machines are characterized by their fantastic value for money, advanced technology and economically and environmentally sustainable features. They meet the needs of every user, from the professional to small olive grower.